Adventures in Boston

I really didn’t think I would like Boston. Correction. I was a Boston hater. The thought of me enjoying Boston just seemed counter intuitive. To Southerners Boston is the epitome of “Yankee land”, more so than even New York City. That being said, I set out for a business trip to Boston with an open mind. After only a couple of days exposure, I’m already thinking about my next trip. Yes, Boston hater to budding Boston-phile in two days and a snow storm.

Luck was not on my side for this trip. First I was attending an event at the convention center starting Tuesday, Election Day. That same convention center also happened to be Romney’s campaign HQ and after party venue for the night. It was an adventure getting back to my hotel Tuesday evening. I also experienced my first Nor’easter, at least a mild one. Thankfully this was only a minor inconvenience and gave me an excuse to visit Newbury St for some cold weather supplies.

Jack Spade hat and gloves Barbour scarf

I pack at two speeds: horribly ill-prepared or over packed to the brim. I didn’t check the weather report before leaving and I assumed I would be inside most of the time so I packed fairly light. This made me ill-prepared for the wintry blast that Boston received on Wednesday night. Fortunately I was already planning to explore Newbury St. Conveniently for me, Jack Spade and Barbour were right across the street from one another. I had already been eying a plaid scarf from Barbour and finger-less gloves from Jack Spade were also on my wish list so I’m only classifying these as quasi-impulse purchases. The hat was necessary for survival.

my first Nor'easter

Dining centered around beer selection as I was traveling with my most beer astute co-worker. Thankfully he was also familiar with Boston and led me to two delicious spots, Lord Hobo in Cambridge and Publick House in Brookline. Both were easy trips on the train and both involved great food and beer. The highlights were sampling the Jack’s Abbey Hoponius Union, an Imperial Pale Lager, at Lord Hobo and the burger and mussels at Publick House. We also stumbled across a 150th Anniversary bottle of Chimay at Publick House that neither of us had heard of but were eager to try.

150th Anniversary Chimay

Not one to shy away from sweets, I also enjoyed at piece of the original Boston Cream Pie at The Last Hurrah, the bar attached to the Omni Parker House, inventors of the Parker House Roll and the Boston Cream Pie. I devoured my pie before even thinking about a picture but I did snap a shot of my JFK lobster roll. Apparently JFK liked to write his speeches in the Parker House. John Wilkes Booth also used the basement for target practice. Bostonians were curiously proud of that last fact.

JFK Lobster roll

I barely scratched the surface of Boston since all I had available were evenings but I’d really like to explore more. The city is full of culture and American history, the locals were surprisingly friendly, and it is easy to navigate. Another trip is definitely in my future, perhaps this spring?

  • zach

    Looks like fun, despite the cold. good write up!