Getting Ready for Fall: Waxed Jackets

I’m occasionally a slow mover when it comes to clothing purchases. The wide range of information available on the Internet doesn’t always help either. Case in point, I’ve been on the hunt for a waxed cotton jacket for the last two years. Along with the down vest, the waxed jacket is another must-have in my book. Sadly it’s a must have that I do not own yet.

The candidates:

barbour beaufort

Barbour Beaufort

Filson Weekender Coat
Filson Cover Cloth Weekender Coat

Barbour jackets need no introduction. If you read AAAC or Styleforum, the Barbour jacket is the classic recommendation. The only downside is the price. These jackets clock in at a healthy ~$400. I’m all for paying for quality but that’s still a steep price of the entry and that’s partly why I’ve delayed my purchase so much.

At $290, the Filson Weekender Coat is not cheap but it certainly represents a savings over the Barbour coat. I love Filson’s bags but I have no experience with their clothing. If the quality is up to the usual Filson standards, then there should be nothing to worry about. My only hang up is with sizing. I have no idea how to judge the fit.

Fit is another general question; do I size up for sweater or do I buy it to wear with an oxford shirt? Do I go for the Jack McCoy Barbour as top coat look?

I fear this is not a debate that will be solved anytime soon. A casual search of the Trad Forum at AAAC gives Barbour a slight edge, but there are still plenty of Filson advocates out there. What do you recommend?

  • miked

    Barbour. My Barbour is 20 years old. It has withstood every weather condition possible. Hurricane rain, snow, sleet, freezing cold (get the liner), hunting quail, pheasant, squirrel and deer. Barbour calls their wax ‘Thornproof Dressing’ and I can attest that it is. I have punched through thickets rabbits would avoid and have had my heavily waxed Barbour come through unscathed. I’ve waxed it myself and have sent it away for waxing and I prefer doing it myself. The first cost is high, but the final cost is low. 20 years ago I paid about $350 for a coat that is still going strong. I’ve paid $17 per year for a coat that’s dry, warm and stylish. If you don’t hunt in it, it will last forever.

  • Sarah Mendelsohn

    Barbour jackets are great. I have one myself and think that it’s definitely worth the money. Great post and two great options! Thanks for sharing. xx


  • Tocqu

    So, which did you go with?

  • zgsegraves

    Funny you should ask. I finally pulled the trigger over Thanksgiving weekend while in NYC. I’m planning to write about it this weekend. Stay tuned!