Musings on Key Cases

Ever been stuck in the thigh by your keys when sitting down? You, sir, need a key case. I’ve been using a key case for going on three years and I can never go back. It’s one of those men’s accessories that is a little harder to find but well worth it. Not only does a key case keep your keys organized and out of your leg, but they also protect your pants. Keys can destroy the pocket lining on a pair of pants especially on wool pants. A case also protects your shiny new smart phone from scratches if you carry your keys and phone in the same pocket. The only downside is the added bulk of the case.

key case comparison

I purchased my first key case in 2009, a vintage Gucci case from eBay. It has served me well and I don’t plan on getting rid of it but I’ve had my eye an alternative for some time. Hickoree’s sells the made in Japan Phigvel-Makers key case and this past Memorial Day I finally snatched one up with a nice discount.

The Phigvel-Makers case cannot hold as much as my old case but it cuts a much slimmer profile. It’s made out of horsehide that’s left over from shoe production. It is rather stiff at first but I’m sure it will soften nicely as it ages. The closure is quite different than the Gucci case but this is the key to the smaller size. I was able to fit my apartment and mailbox keys along with my garage opener and one grocery store reward card. I can’t fit anything else but this is actually perfect since those are the only four items I use.

inside key case comparisonI’ve used it for the past two weeks and couldn’t be more pleased. It takes me a little longer to get my key out but I’ll gladly sacrifice those 10 seconds. The more tube-like profile is easier to fit in my pocket especially when wearing jeans. If you’re curious to see more shots of the case including how it comes apart then check out my flickr album.

So, still getting stuck in the leg? Consider a key case. Unfortunately the Phigvel one I have is currently out of stock at Hickoree’s but several brands sell cases like my old Gucci one including Burberry, Louis Vutton, and Filson.