NYC trip notes

I survived my NYC trip and the Snowpcalypse of Dec 2010.  I had to drive in rather than fly and there was a time or two while trudging my way through Essex County, New Jersey that I didn’t think I was going to make it.  I did though and as always NYC was wonderful to me.

A few quick notes:

New York pizza continues to kick ass and take names.  I think it has gone so far that pizza should just come to mean the New York Neapolitan style and all other types should pick a new name.  Sorry, Ohio that cracker crust garbage that is pedaled in Columbus is in no way shape or form pizza. I had originally intended to go to Arturo’s in the West Village but they were closed.  A quick check of Yelp revealed Pizza Mezzaluna was just a block away. I think the coal fired oven is the secret to the tastiness.

Katzinger’s in Columbus could hold its own in New York.  I’m not saying it would be the best or would necessarily stand out, but I think it could carve out a little niche.

Several stores and shops contributed to the absolute destruction of my wallet, but Jack Spade was my favorite.  His SoHo shop is tiny but I think I could have spent the better part of a day in there.

I wish there was a dark, sophisticated bar like Ward III in Columbus.  I’m still on the look out and I think there are some that have some elements but not all of them (Elevator, Barrel 44).  I’m open to suggestions Cbusrs!

Happy New Year everyone!